About Him

Meet Lou. And his face.

Lou is an energetic, positive and creative young man. He is an economist, graduated with honors, active volunteer and nothing more than a man who cared enought to try. He thinks that impossible is nothing and believes that the human spirit is not measured by the size of the act but by the size of the heart.

So, one day as he was walking in New York City amid barrage of ads he decided that the city needs something different. Something unconevetional and attention grabbing. Something Out-Of-The-Box. Something that can help him continue his education and beat the current job market.

This is how Buy His Face was born.

The idea of Buy His Face is pretty simple – Lou is going to sell his face as an advertising space every single day until he saves enough money to pay his tuition fees in a decent university. This way he is going to escape the student loan trap and he won’t be a college loan slave for the next twenty years.
Smart, right? And yes, a little bit weird. :)

Question: “But how is he going to make it?”
Answer: “Pretty simple! Read the  here